About Keith Forbes

I have been “enjoying” Astronomy for about 40 years, mostly working on my own. This has probably caused progress to be slow but , hopefully, unconventional and so creating some interesting insights and at times strange results. The two main areas worth documenting are stellar spectroscopy and motion of the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn.

Prior to retirement, I worked chiefly in academia in the fields of Mathematics and Computing. The latter has changed rapidly and left me somewhat behind, but I can program in Visual Basic and relevant programs are discussed in the articles. Although not having worked in Physics, it, and Astronomy as a subset, are my passions.

Another minor passion is sailing a small catamaran and I hope that I have written something useful about doing so.

I have a Ph D in Mathematics from the Queensland University of Technology , a Master of Engineering Science from The University of New South Wales, and a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts from The University of Queensland.

I can be contacted via email